Discover the enchanting world of Dry Floral Embellishments – where nature's beauty meets artistic expression, adding a touch of romance and elegance to your creations. Elevate your crafts, decorations, and designs with these exquisite treasures inspired by the captivating allure of dried flowers.

Why Choose Our Dry Floral Embellishments?
  • Capturing the essence of everlasting beauty, these embellishments infuse your projects with a timeless charm that never fades.
  • Embrace sustainability with these eco-friendly creations, bringing nature's beauty into your life while preserving the environment.
  • From rustic chic to bohemian elegance, our dry floral embellishments effortlessly blend into any theme, enriching your projects with natural allure.
  • Each embellishment is meticulously handpicked and preserved, ensuring that only the most exquisite blooms become part of your artistic endeavours.
  • Let your imagination run wild as you incorporate these beauties into your crafts, allowing your creativity to blossom like never before.

Unveil the Beauty Within:
  • Delicate and poetic, the petals of our dry floral embellishments will evoke the most tender emotions in your creations.
  • Experience the enchanting colours of nature with every embellishment, infusing your projects with the ever-changing hues of the seasons.
  • Each dry floral embellishment carries the gentle whispers of nature, infusing your designs with the essence of the great outdoors.
  • From everlasting roses to dainty lavender, these embellishments add a touch of romance to your crafts, celebrating love in all its forms.
  • Embrace the natural world as you work with these exquisite treasures, making every project a tribute to the beauty of Mother Earth.

With Dry Floral Embellishments at your fingertips, your projects become a canvas for your dreams to come alive. Embrace the wonders of nature and watch as your creations bloom into a symphony of colours and textures.

Be it a heartfelt gift, a wedding decoration, or a craft to treasure, our dry floral embellishments add a touch of poetry to every endeavour. The possibilities are as vast as the garden itself – it's up to you to explore and nurture your creativity.

Step into a world of natural delights and explore our curated selection of Dry Floral Embellishments. Each one is a testament to the beauty of nature, waiting to be woven into your creations.

Unleash the artist within and let your imagination guide you as you work with these enchanting treasures. They hold the power to transform your projects into mesmerizing works of art that will captivate hearts and stand the test of time.

Embark on a creative journey filled with the allure of dried flowers and the magic of artistic expression. Unveil the beauty of nature and infuse your projects with the romance of Dry Floral Embellishments.

Your dreams are just a touch away – explore our collection now and experience the joy of creating with nature's most delightful treasures. Bring your visions to life and let your projects blossom with elegance and grace.

Craft with nature's poetry and let your creations tell stories of love, beauty, and everlasting enchantment. Make each moment extraordinary – purchase your Dry Floral Embellishments and embark on your creative adventure today!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are running workshops in Vancouver, Richmond/New Westminster

Yes, we have workshops in Richmond

Calligraphy is a very calming hobby in a way that it forces you slow down when writing each stroke. In short, that slow process keeps you focus on your writing so in turn keeps you write better, slowly.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"We had so much fun. I personally loved testing all the different mediums, like doing the wax spoon, glue guns. Mixing the wax beads, layering flowers, gold, different wax component (the shell), and the paper."
— Subin
Student trying wax seal at our wax seal workshop
Customer reviews
"I was excited but a little nervous coming into the workshop because I'm a beginner but I have to say the workshop was very fun, calming and relaxing. It helped to learn and then practice - I think that was the best/fun part for me is to actually get the hands on experience and try it myself. I appreciate that you were there to guide and help along the way especially for people like me (beginner). After the workshop I felt like I could do it myself and really want to practice on my own. I think it's such a fun and easy hobby to adopt!"
— Rebecca
hand written calligraphy on handmade paper and vellum wrapped gift with wax seal