Welcome to the enchanting world of Wax Seals, where timeless elegance meets modern expression! Elevate your style and add a touch of romance to your life with our exquisite collection of wax seal products. Each seal is a work of art, embodying the essence of love, nostalgia, and sophistication. Explore our range and unlock a world of possibilities, as we take you on a journey of creativity and personalization.

Sealing Love Letters with a Kiss:
  • Discover a treasure trove of intricate designs that will capture your heart and imagination. From delicate florals to majestic monograms, each wax seal is a unique masterpiece.
  • Make your mark with a personal touch that leaves a lasting impression. Customize your wax seals with initials, names, or messages, turning ordinary letters and gifts into extraordinary keepsakes.
  • Embrace the luxury of premium craftsmanship. Our wax seals are meticulously handcrafted using the finest materials, ensuring a flawless impression every time.

Seal Your Celebrations:
  • Set the tone for your special event with elegance and grace. Our wax seals add a touch of sophistication to wedding invitations, birthday cards, and party favours.
  • Create cherished memories with every heartfelt gesture. Use our wax seals for special occasions like proposals, baby announcements, and anniversary celebrations.
  • Showcase your unique style and personality with our diverse selection of wax seal designs. Whether you prefer classic, vintage, or contemporary aesthetics, we have the perfect seal for you.

Unleash Your Creativity:
  • Embrace the joy of crafting with wax seals. Add a magical touch to scrapbooks, journals, and handmade gifts, bringing a sense of wonder to your artistic endeavours.
  • Discover the satisfaction of do-it-yourself projects. Our wax seals are easy to use, allowing you to create beautiful masterpieces effortlessly.
  • Express your love and appreciation with thoughtfully sealed gifts. Your loved ones will be touched by the heartfelt gesture of a wax-sealed present.

Don't let the opportunity slip away! Embrace the romance, elegance, and creativity of our wax seals, and make your mark on every aspect of life. Whether it's adding a touch of magic to your wedding invitations or sending a heartfelt letter to a dear friend, our wax seals will elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Browse our collection now and unlock the power of wax seals in your life. Let the nostalgia of an ancient tradition infuse your modern world with passion and charm. Make your purchases today and experience the joy of sealing your love, creativity, and celebrations with a tender kiss. Your journey of enchantment awaits. Seize it now!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are running workshops in Vancouver, Richmond/New Westminster

Yes, we have workshops in Richmond

Calligraphy is a very calming hobby in a way that it forces you slow down when writing each stroke. In short, that slow process keeps you focus on your writing so in turn keeps you write better, slowly.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"We had so much fun. I personally loved testing all the different mediums, like doing the wax spoon, glue guns. Mixing the wax beads, layering flowers, gold, different wax component (the shell), and the paper."
— Subin
Student trying wax seal at our wax seal workshop
Customer reviews
"I was excited but a little nervous coming into the workshop because I'm a beginner but I have to say the workshop was very fun, calming and relaxing. It helped to learn and then practice - I think that was the best/fun part for me is to actually get the hands on experience and try it myself. I appreciate that you were there to guide and help along the way especially for people like me (beginner). After the workshop I felt like I could do it myself and really want to practice on my own. I think it's such a fun and easy hobby to adopt!"
— Rebecca
hand written calligraphy on handmade paper and vellum wrapped gift with wax seal