Embrace the art of embellishing and unlock a world of creative possibilities with our enchanting collection of Embellishments. Elevate your event invitations, DIY projects, and designs with these captivating additions that add a touch of magic to every creation.

Why Choose Our Embellishments?
  • Let your imagination run wild as you explore a vast array of embellishments, empowering you to create unique and personalized masterpieces.
  • From handmade cards to scrapbooking and beyond, our embellishments are versatile and ready to add that extra sparkle to any project.
  • We take pride in offering only the finest quality embellishments, ensuring that every detail is as exquisite as your creativity.
  • Discover a stunning assortment of embellishments, each carefully crafted to leave a lasting impression and make your projects truly unforgettable.
  • Experience the joy of crafting as you work with these beautiful embellishments, turning ordinary projects into extraordinary works of art.

Explore the Wonders Within:
  • Unleash your inner dreamer with whimsical charms that bring a sense of wonder to every project.
  • Enhance your designs with the intricate charm of calligraphy flourishing embellishments, lending a touch of romance to your creations.
  • Let the vibrant colours of ribbons weave a tale of joy and celebration into your crafts.
  • Add a dash of glamour and glitz to your projects with the mesmerizing personalization of our curated wax seal embellishments.

With our Embellishments, every project becomes an opportunity to weave a tale of creativity and passion. Capture the essence of your emotions and watch as your ideas come to life in the most delightful ways.

Now is the time to let your imagination soar and your creativity shine. Explore our diverse selection of embellishments, and embark on a journey of artistic expression that knows no bounds.

Incorporate these enchanting additions into your wedding invitations, gifts, and creations, and see the magic unfold before your eyes. Each embellishment is a doorway to a world of enchantment, and it's up to you to discover the wonders that await.

It's time to take your projects to the next level with our exquisite collection of Embellishments. Your creativity is a force of nature, and these embellishments are your companions in bringing your visions to life.

Start exploring now and unlock the endless possibilities that await you. Turn your event invitations into treasured keepsakes and add a touch of romance, joy, and elegance with our delightful embellishments.

Craft your dreams into reality – the world of Embellishments is yours to embrace. Let the journey begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are running workshops in Vancouver, Richmond/New Westminster

Yes, we have workshops in Richmond

Calligraphy is a very calming hobby in a way that it forces you slow down when writing each stroke. In short, that slow process keeps you focus on your writing so in turn keeps you write better, slowly.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
"We had so much fun. I personally loved testing all the different mediums, like doing the wax spoon, glue guns. Mixing the wax beads, layering flowers, gold, different wax component (the shell), and the paper."
— Subin
Student trying wax seal at our wax seal workshop
Customer reviews
"I was excited but a little nervous coming into the workshop because I'm a beginner but I have to say the workshop was very fun, calming and relaxing. It helped to learn and then practice - I think that was the best/fun part for me is to actually get the hands on experience and try it myself. I appreciate that you were there to guide and help along the way especially for people like me (beginner). After the workshop I felt like I could do it myself and really want to practice on my own. I think it's such a fun and easy hobby to adopt!"
— Rebecca
hand written calligraphy on handmade paper and vellum wrapped gift with wax seal