Rich Textured Luxury: Handmade Paper Vows with Silk Ribbons


Rich textured, luxury and fully customizable handmade paper vows booklet

  • passport size with hand-dyed, plant base premium quality silk ribbon
  • fully customizable with calligraphy names and wedding date
  • option to choose with cover only or 
    • hand-made paper cover with various colours
    • customizable pairing with our selection of hand-dyed silk ribbon
  • booklet cover with creative inserts included for your creative personalization
    • two pages of premium watercolour paper
    • two pages of vellum paper
    • two pages of 160 gsm handmade paper


Section 1: "Love Crafted in Luxury"

Indulge in the magic of love with our Handmade Paper Wedding Vows Booklet. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this booklet is a celebration of love, wrapped in rich textured luxury.

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Section 2: "Unveil Your Unique Story"

Discover the beauty of customization with our Handmade Paper Vows Booklet. With options to add calligraphy names and wedding dates, this booklet becomes a canvas for your unique love story.

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Section 3: "A Treasure of Personalization"

Cherish your love in every detail with our fully customizable Handmade Paper Wedding Vows Booklet. With creative inserts and premium paper, it's a treasure of personalization.

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